The latest update is available to registered users for free. Simply download and run the application again. This will install the newest version automatically. The update is available immediatly if downloaded directly from us, and two weeks later after its release from
.: March 1, 2016 OvCalendar v 2016
    2016 version release with a new Calendar and updated features
.: January 13, 2015 OvCalendar v 2015
    - New Calendar with updated features
.: May 27, 2011 OvCalendar v 2011.1
    - New Calendar with updated features
.: January 3, 2009 OvCalendar v 2009
    - updated calendar
.: October 22, 2008 OvCalendar v 2008

   - Auto Start is now removed from install
   - To Do Items new interface
   - Basal Temperature Bar now turns green on ovulation day
.: January 20, 2008 OvCalendar v 2008
   - Calorie Counter now uses a huge USDA Food Database
   - New ways to track Medical Information
   - Sleep Tracker for Baby and feeding alarm
   - Weight Tracking and BMI calculator improvements
   - ToDo interface changes
   - Track of personal Projects, including time and money spent
   - Keep track of Decisions and Personal Lists
   - Many other new features
.: April 16, 2007 OvCalendar v 2.0

   - New Basal Chart
   - Alarm clock and sleep tracker
   - Calorie Counter
   - Exercise Diary 
   - Weight Tracking and BMI calculator
   - Blood Pressure Monitor   
   - Many other new fatures  
   - Fixed an error where data was not saved on exit.      
.: August 27/2006 OvCalendar v 1.0
  First Version released today. :) 
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