What Can the Web OvCalendar Do ?

The OvCalendar Software lets you keep track your ovulation cycle on a calendar. Ideal for women wanting to get pregnant, or looking after thier health.

Key Features

  • Predicts and calculates your ovulation calendar.
  • Alarm clock and Baby sleep tracker
  • Calorie Counter with USDA database
  • Exercise Diary
  • Weight Tracking and BMI calculator
  • Blood Pressure Monitor
  • Calendar and Organizer
  • Track of personal Projects, including time and money spent
  • Keep track of Decisions and Personal Lists
  • No monthly fees !!!
  • Free 30 day Trial. Buy as low as $35.99
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All content and information provided by the ovulation calendar calculator and this web site is
not a substitute for a doctors medical advice. Consult your doctor first. Use our software for
informational purposes only.