OvCalendar - Ovualtion Calendar Calculator

Health and Nutrition Calendar for Women

OvCalendar is an easy to use windows program for women looking to track their ovulation cycle, and to improve their health and fitness. Monitor your eating habits, exercise program, weight and ovulation cycle using the built in charts and graphs.

OvCalendar OvCalendar Features:
  • Predicts and calculates your ovulation calendar.
  • Exercise Diary
  • Weight Tracking and BMI calculator
  • Blood Pressure Monitor
  • Calendar and Organizer
  • Calorie Counter with 5000+ Foods database
  • No monthly fees !!!
  • Free 30 day Trial.
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OvCalendar - Ovulation Calendar Calculator
Track Calories, Exercise and Weight:
Monitor your eating habits, exercise program and weight using the built in charts and graphs.

Conceive a baby:
There are bout six days during your ovulation cycle when you are most likely to get pregnant. The program will calculate these days on display them on the calendar. The calendar helps you achieve pregnancy or to avoid it.

Predict pregnancy due date and baby Zodiac sign:
The program automatically predicts the day your baby will be born and your baby zodiac sig.

Choose baby gender:
The registered version allows you to choose the baby's gender by showing you when during the ovulation cycle you are most likely to conceive a boy, and when you are more likely for a girl.

Sleep Better:
See your sleeping cycle. Make sure you wake up in light sleep and rested. The built in Alarm clock will put you to sleep to calming sounds and wake you up in the morning. Keep track of the hours you sleep.

Blood Pressure
Keep track of your blood pressure. Take action when it gets out of balance.

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